First Airplane Ride

Neveah had her first plane ride yesterday. She did well considering the plane ride was three hours. My mom, who went with us, was afraid Neve’s ears would pop and it’d be real painful so she demanded I put juice in her cup to guzzel down when we started to take off. You know, the whole if you chew gum your ears won’t pop thing but instead she was sucking from her cuppy. It didn’t seem like her ears popped ascending or descending.

Things that kept her preoccupied: her Nabi (tablet), her mawma (grandma), the unlatched tray, a random magazine someone was holding across the aisle with a kitty on it, cheetos, gummies, and my jacket. She finally fell asleep about an hour or so before we descended. She’s use to toss and turning while trying to sleep so that lead to her whining a little. But overall she did well. Even the woman, who was the window seater, said she did surprisingly well. But that’s my daughter. Ever since she was an infant people said basically how well behaved she is.

I’m proud that she’s a generally well behaved kid. Let’s hope it keeps that way, all the way till she’s moved out of the house lol.


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