Some Things Realized on Vaction

– When I try to get others to watch my daughter I gotta double check its OK
– I never really sleep next to my daughter but I did on this vacation and realized she can actually sit up, say something, then fall back asleep easily
– It makes me very happy to see my daughter excited/happy, even about something small like petting a cat
– I will clean other peoples houses when spent more than a day at it, if it needs cleaning (my sisters house)
– Being around my other siblings I grew up with makes me happier, a little more confident, and perhaps a little more creative
– I actually hate Arizona’s (hot) weather… Getting back from a cold state has made me realize just how much

So there’s many things to be learned and realized when away from home. You get away from the usual and routine. I want to go see my family again, especially soon since my older sister should be having her baby in about two months. If I do end up going to see the baby just after his born, I’ll probably have even more realizations.

I’m glad my daughter can experience traveling and seeing other family outside of her state.

On a random note, here’s a picture of some creative thing I did for my sister while over there with the toilet paper rolls she had…



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