Browsing Toys and Memories

Hello blog readers.

Yesterday Neveah (my 1.5 year old daughter) and I went to Wal-Mart. I needed to get my prescription but because we rode the bus I decided that I was going to make the trip more worthwhile by browsing. Neveah fell asleep at this point though. I went to the Crafts section and around the Sports one as well and of course through the Toys and Baby area. As I was browsing through the toys though I saw toys that would catch bugs. One of them was a bug vacuum! It was small, shaped like a gun of sorts and you could,obviously, vacuum up the bugs into a container that screwed to it on the bottom. When I was younger I liked to catch bugs so that would’ve came in handy! Of course, now I’m afraid of most bugs. Go figure. I also saw rollerblades.

Browsing these toys and crafts, it made me think back to when I was a kid. When I was younger my family and I would rollerblade, at least that’s what I remember. That was one physical activity that we did as a family. We also played monopoly.  I want us to do these things as a family. It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing, of course, just physical activities outside and board games. I don’t want her to be stuck inside all day watching tele or playing games. I want to do arts and crafts with her and have little dance parties. I want to do so much with her, for her. I’m just so excited but at the same time a little nervous. What if when she gets older she doesn’t want to do arts and crafts or board games with me. I know at some point she’ll be that teenager that doesn’t want her mom always hanging around. But still, that isn’t for a while – I hope. I can’t wait till she gets older and we can do more things together.

For now, I have to make it a point to do things one-on-one with her that stimulates her brain and senses. Perhaps finger painting! Although that’s a big mess I’m not looking forward to cleaning up. I’m not sure what else. Perhaps put aside a half hour of reading and some time to play with her with the blocks we have for her. I don’t do that often enough. I really don’t do it at all, play with her blocks with her. I really should. Charles and I both. But I know he is tired from work and wants to relax and do his thing. That’s how I am after work on the weekends lol.

Hey, anyone that is reading this, you got tips for me or ideas that is simple cheap (or free, cause who doesn’t love free) then feel free to share! 😀 I’m a new mom and I’ll take what I can get.


2 thoughts on “Browsing Toys and Memories

  1. I’m a great believer in investing the time while they’re little and you’ll reap the rewards when they’re older. If you spend time doing activities and talking with your child now, they’re more likely to want to do it when they’re older because that’s what they’ve always done. That’s my theory anyway. As they get a bit bigger let them lead the play. My toddler decided that 2 hours yesterday afternoon spent moving small stones from one part of the garden to another was a splendid way to spend the afternoon. We talked about shape, colour, weight, the weather, what we could hear and investigated all sorts of creepy crawlies! Much better than spending 2 hours gawping at the tv and he learnt so much!
    Happy playing!

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