Crafting Mode: On and Steady

Hello there WordPressers and guests alike! 🙂 Today I’m going to be sharing some crafts I have done. If you want tutorials for any just ask (just keep in mind I’d have to make the same craft again lol). So lets get started!



These two things! Felt animals. Top one is Pac Man and a Ghost (made for our roommate) and the below is a keychain Dophline made for my step mom for her birthday in Feburary. 🙂


Next is this cardboard/popsicle house! 🙂 Made furniture to go with it for my sugarpie including a TV that is above the swing lol.


Up next, this dress made with my new sewing machine. 🙂





Right here is a fairy house 🙂 I’m still working on more fairy stuff but this house is finished for now 🙂




This popsicle shelf! Painted black 🙂



Most recently is this Pompom bunny I was trying out for upcoming Easter baskets 🙂



And lastly (actually did this one on Wednesday) a swing! With a lot to be desired lol.

So that’s the crafts you missed and now you know! 🙂 Tell me what you think, what was your favorite. 🙂


P.S. I’ll add links to which page inspired me on these crafts. A lot of them have multiple inspirations but I’ll put one that really made impact. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Have a great day.


Very Simple No-Sew Doll Diapers

My daughter loves to put diapers on her baby dolls but the only thing is that the diapers that we bought for her to do so is losing their stickiness on the tabs. So, I have searched Pinterest for a super easy tutorial on how to make diapers for dolls and this is my tutorial on how to make them.

I do not take credit for this design and the original is here. I found her tutorial a little confusing at first which lead me to make my own that would helpfully be easier to follow for others.


First step is to find/buy some felt. I had some laying around, it’s really old and had fuzzies all over but I made it work. It was actually a cloth that was used to keep some kitchen utensils I sold at my first job as a teenager from poking about. I kept the cloth, believing one day I would use it for something, and I was right! 🙂

Second step is to fold it in half or like a hot dog as my elementary teacher would say. You guessed it, folding it the other way is hamburger.


Third step: check the size against the doll. I do this by seeing how far the felt would go up when I wrapped it around the baby. I saw mine went up a little too high and trimmed a little off till I felt it was the right size. If you want your diaper to fit an assortment of sizes, it’s best to make it bigger than smaller.


Fourth step is to shape it. I used a bowl and marked it with a marker to make a curved line to cut. It’s not exact measurements. After I cut along the line I made I put the baby doll inside and wrapped it around like a diaper and cut accordingly. I felt the front tabs were too long so I trimmed those and the back tabs a bit. As I mentioned earlier, if you want it to fit more than just that doll you should make it a little bigger than smaller. I just went for the exact fit rather than bigger.



Last step is to place the velcro on the tabs. You can’t see the velcro that well but I had a roll of each, the sticky part and the non-sticky part. I simply measured the length of what I wanted for each, cut it, and then stuck it on. I had adhesive velcro but if you don’t have that adhesive, you can just sew it on.

The baby on the left was the first attempt and the one on the right is my second. I didn’t think to take pictures of the steps till I was doing my second attempt. To be honest, the first attempt looks better. I believe I cut the tabs a little too small for the second one but that’s what happens when you start to experiment.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it was easy to follow. I’m sorry the pictures are not top quality. I plan on making more tutorials on different things in the future, not sure what yet but that’s the fun of it. 🙂

Realizing It’s Great to Dress Up

Today Charles and I went shopping for clothes (because he had promised me after he had done up his car) and as I was browsing the racks I found the cutest shirt ever. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t the cutest shirt ever found in the history of time you but you get what I’m saying. Charles, being the awesome and wonderful boyfriend he is, was patient with me because I can take forever with shopping. Ask my family, they know. He also picked out a few piece of clothing for me to try on too. But back to what I was originally talking about, the shirt was this nice blue green color (wonderful color I think that went with me) but had this huge gape in the back… Tried it on and looked great. Loved it.

And to my point… putting on that shirt (and the other new clothes I just bought) felt good. They wasn’t just plain clothes, they were dress up clothes and it felt good to have some. As a mom, especially a new one, I found the first months as one a little overwhelming but most of all I didn’t feel like I had the time to do me time. I’m sure a lot of other mothers understand what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong, I started to actually dress up even if I was going out to the store before this previous event but it just made me think about it. For new mothers (heck, for mothers in general) don’t forget about yourself! It’s hard to forget about yourself, to take care of yourself and get me time. I know, I know: easier said than done. But, even the simplest things go a long way. I dress up as often as I can, because it feels good. Charles and I don’t have many date nights (very few in between) so therefore opportunities to really dress up can be slim so I make outings opportunities. If you have someone that can watch your little one, ask them to and go do a “me” thing.

I also love dressing up my daughter, lol. But what mothers don’t like dressing up their children? ❤